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[Ed. Note: We are sorry that the columns below lost much of their formating in the file conversion. We hope it will not detract from your use of the information.]

This question used to drive me crazy as a younger player back in the 70’s and it took me until the early 90’s before I finally got a secure grip on this often perplexing situation that we all face on a daily basis.

Here are the maiden levels at Santa Anita for their long 83 day 2001 winter/spring meet along with purse levels.  If you play other circuits in addition to the major Southern California loop, I strongly suggest that you construct this exact table for any and all additional tracks----it is worth it’s weight in platinum (gold ain’t worth nothin’ any more). 

CLASSIFICATION                  DISTANCE           PURSE       

Maiden Special Weight              short                       46K     

                                                       long                       48K                             

Maiden Claiming  80K----75K    short                      34K         

                                                       long                       35K            

     “             “        62.5K--55K       short                      30K         

                                                         long                   31K           

     “             “        50K----45K          short                   26K

                                                           long                  27K

     “             “        40K----35K          short                   22K

                                                           long                  23K         

     “             “        32K----28K          short                   20K         

                                                           long                  21K            

     “             “        25K--22.5K          short                   18K         

                                                           long                  19K            

If you want to approximately determine where a last out maiden winner might properly “fit” against other winners (since they now can no longer run against maidens), winning purses are usually the best way to “guess”.

As we all know, absolutely nothing is “carved in stone” when handicapping any race let alone prior maidens stepping up into “open company” off their maiden victories.  But since we need a place to start, the only logical place and common denominator is money!

Let’s compare Santa Anita’s “open” claiming levels and purses to the Maiden table and see exactly what we come up with, if anything.   Below is a table depicting “open” claiming tags and purses as well as entries for Allowance other-than-1s to other-than-3’s.

I’ll create a corresponding table (winning maiden levels vs. suggested next level in open company based on purses) for next week in Part 2.  If you have the time to make your own “crossover chart”, we’ll compare notes and list exceptions to the rules. 

OPEN CLAIMING LEVEL                DISTANCE                   PURSE          

             10K                                        short                                 15K

             10K                                        long                                  16K

            10.5K--12.5K                         short                                 18K

             10.5K--12.5K                         long                                  19K

             14K-----16K                            short                                 21K

             14K-----16K                            long                                  22K

             18K-----20K                            short                                 25K

             18K-----20K                            long                                  27K

    Starter Allowance/nw/2/lifetime     short                                 27K

        “             “          “   “      “           long                                 29K

             22.5K---25K                             short                                 30K

             22.5K---25K                            long                                     32K

              28K-----32K                           short                                37K

              28K-----32K                            long                                 39K

              35K-----40K                            short                                41K

              35K-----40K                            long                                 44K

              45K-----50K                           short                                45K

              45K-----50K                           long                                 48K

Starter Allow/started for claiming       short                    48K

            tag of 40K or less                      long                      49K

              55K----62.5K                         short                               49K

              55K----62.5K                         long                                 53K

                75K-----80K                         short                                56K

                75K-----80K                         long                                  60K

                90K----100K                         short                                60K

              90K----100K                         long                       63K

           100K----125K                               short                            64K

           100K----125K                                long                            67K

Allowance/other-than-1                          short                              52K

       “             “       “    1                           long                                   56K

Allowance/other-than-2                         short                                  56K

       “             “      “     2                             long                                  60K

Allowance/other-than-3                           short                                 60K

       “             “      “     3                              long                                  64K



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